At Bioxyne we believe in brand power.


Breathe Life Sciences is a market leader in the supply of cGMP cannabis extracts and raw materials in Europe, Japan, and the UK. As a trusted supplier we work with over 600 business clients and have supplied over 30,000,000 doses of CBD to our communities. 

In Australia, wholly owned subsidiary BLS Wholesalers is a licensed importer, manufacturer, wholesaler and sponsor of medicinal cannabis (schedules 3, 4, 8). Through our exclusive relationships with cultivators we offer unique profiles, strains, and starting materials for manufacturers, pharmacies, and patients. 


BLS Clinics is our patient access portal where our patients can meet with over 60 authorised prescribers to discuss alternative medicines and treatments for all conditions. BLS Clinics is powered by  Instant Scripts, Australia’s leading telemedicine provider serving over 600,000 patients in Australia

Dr Watson® is our internationally trademarked direct to consumer brand (UK, EU, Japan, USA). The Dr Watson brand is one of the only brands in the world approved by AMAZON for CBD (cannabidiol). The Dr Watson brand is borne by health and wellness supplements, nootropics, functional mushrooms, and skincare products manufactured by BLS. 

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 (E-commerce products not available in markets where CBD is a scheduled drug. If you are in Australia please visit BLS Clinics.

Apothecary CBD® is our skincare solutions for eczema, dermatitis, dry skin and acne. This exclusive range is also approved for and sold to Amazon UK.

Mirai Solution is the market leading manufacturer of CBD products in Japan. A wholly owned subsidiary of BXN /BLS, Mirai has built a reputation of trust amongst Japanese consumer brands and businesses with its manufacturing excellence and local authorizations.